About Us
About us:

Rimini is an Italian inspired Gelateria serving the highest quality gelato, along with a light breakfast and lunch menu, beer, wine, and cocktail menu, hand crafted european chocolate line, and the finest experience of a coffeehouse with our own line of espresso. Our philosophy is "slow food fast" we pride ourselves on everything that is crafted only comes from the highest quality ingredients, whether that is organic, local milk, to fresh picked produce for our sorbets, housemade breads and pastries, along with fresh scratch soups that have become well sought after in the winter months.

Our Gelato

Gelato, generally has half the fat of its American counterpart, ice cream. By using whole milk instead of Heavy cream. AT Rimini, we use fresh, local 2% milk from our friends in Boulder, sweetened only with granulated sugar and no thing artificial. Sorbetto, being made with water instead of dairy, is strictly flavor based. From the Swiss couveture chocolate in our dark chocolate, to the Costa Rican gold pineapples, if the flavor is not in season somewhere and in its ripest perfection, you will not see it in our display case.

Rimini Chocolates

Guittard, Valrhona, Felchlin. The highest quality couveture chocolate in the world is only used in our hand crafted chocolate bon bon line. Flavors changing seasonally, gift boxes in several sizes are offered both inhouse and shipped directly to your door in the the chocolate shipping friendly months of November through April.

Breakfast and Lunch

Served daily eggs, cereal, crepes, charcuterie plate, our popular oatmeal brulee, and fresh yogurt are offered until 11am. Hand made breads hold our signature paninis, sandwiches, soups, salads, or cheese selection to accompany abottle of wine after a fulfilling day on the mountains. Dont forget to save room to experience a mug full of Rimini hot chocolate. The most decadent meal you will savor in a cup. Using rich european chocolate and whole milk with riminis special blend of spices and flavor, served both in white or dark hot chocolate, adding a shot of spiked goodness makes for a sweet memory . Wine and cocktail bar A sweet and savory cafe would not be complete without being able to enjoy a liquid libation while people watching on our patio slopeside.

The town of Rimini. Italy is the epicenter of the gelato world. We take our inspiration from the small-batch gelato makers in this town, who use time-tested recipes that create the most luscious. intense flavors imaginable. At Rimini, you'll fall in love with the experience of fresh gelato.

Hand-Crafted chocolate and natural essence: the perfect pairing for creamy. opulent gelato.

Rimini Gelato is unlike anything you've ever tasted.
Inspired by the Italian masters, our delicacy has superior texture and unmatched flavor.

Rimini Gelatois currently available in flavors to tempt the most reluctant connoisseur. Among our 24 flavors, we recommend:

Stracciatella:   the pure delight of vanilla with accents of rich chocolate

Tiramisu:  a delectable combination of coffee. chocolate and liqueur

Panna Cotta:   a creamy blend of caramel and custard

Pistachio:  a luscious treat with a light, nutty taste

Dark Chocolate:  a divinely elegant treat for the most discriminating connoisseur

Gianduja:   a delightful blend of dark coffee and sweet hazelnut

Chocolate Mint:   a sweet union of rich chocolate and fresh mint

Espresso:   a luscious and essential indulgence for the truly decadent

Black Cherry:  the perfect blend of creamy and fruity flavors

Peanut Butter and Jelly:   a classic combination in a luxurious dessert

Passion Fruit:   a passionate treat for the. lovers of fruit

Mimosa:   a classic fusion of sunshiny orange and sparkly champagne